WHY I am starting my  Business


I have established clearly defined WRITTEN GOALS


I have started developing my CONTACT LIST


I have completed my BUSINESS PLANNING SESSION with my Sponsor


I have selected and ordered A PACKAGE to support my Business Goals______


I have completed a contact list of 300 or more people within 72 hours.


I have become familiar with the basic qualification requirements of the COMP PLAN________



 After 72 hours, the next 7-14 days, these things should be in place:


I have scheduled my contacts to view video presentation  or show other products _______


I have ordered my BUSINESS CARDS/ or created my own by____________


I have practiced doing a few 3--‐WAY CALLS with my Sponsor______


I have reviewed the PRODUCT information in my package__________


I have reviewed the Company Presentation, Compensation plan & schedule self training with sponsor


I have scheduled conference call  or webinars ___________ times per week


I have begun INVITING people on my CONTACT LIST to my first ______


I know my REPLICATED WEBSITE & how to Login.  


I have become familiar with my website BACK OFFICE______                                                                            


 Setting your goals in “STONE” is putting it in WRITING!

1. Time & investing:


I will devote ____ hours per week towards building my new business


I can initially invest $______ in my first month to launch my new FLOW INDUSTRY business.


2. Your income goals:


How much money per month do I need to earn to make this business worth my time? _______


Based on what I have been earning, I would you like to earn: $____My


First month $ ____my first 90 days $ _____my first year_______


3. achieving your goals are setting them in “STONE”


Make sure you understand the pay plan & set your goals according to your life style, time & commitment.

They must be realistic.


I will ENROLL 2 by _________ and be  qualified at rank as Qualified  Team Builder _______


I will ENROLL 5 customers by___________ (7 days). I will enroll 25 customers by_______ (30 days)


I will earn my first Bonus by __________


I will duplicate by helping my Team and the ultimate goal is to become a Diamond and ABOVE! 



4. Activity Goals


I will practice sharing samples and information about the company and products with five people by _______.


I will have my first three online or offline presentations/ exposures on ___________, ____________ and ________.


I will personally talk to ______ people every day about theproducts and/or Business.


I am committed to personally sponsoring ______ new Customers and/or Reps every month.


I will personally share _________(# samples)   _____________days of the week


I   am committed to attending______ (number) conference call s _____times per week.



Your First 48 Hours: