Internet Tools & online Systems



Ideas  market business & Promotional tools.



Where to Meet People To grow your business



Lead capture Pages Boss


Best Squeeze Page


My Splash Page


Go Daddy


MLM Gate Way


Prosperity Central


Facebook Live



Set up a listing/search engines  

local directories:

Google (Google my business)

BingBing Places for Business

Yahoo (monthly fee)

Get in in 50 directories including

Yahoo Local, Yelp, WhitePages,

Bing, Mapquest & more!




Trick Money


Vista Print


Local Flyer Distribution service


Community & Local Trade Shows


Get listed in Local,


National Calendar Events

Have contests giveaways!


Become Sponsor for Charity


Become Sponsor for Pageant. (Give gift baggies to pageant contestants)




MLM  events


Grand openings (salon/stores)


The gym


Community Networking Events


Family Reunion


Industry related events


Cultural events

Meetup (Choose industry related)


Facebook groups or friend list

Do not send your link. Make connection.


Bookstore (entrepreneur section)

Place a drop card/business card.


Cellphone Contacts 

(Shoot quick text)


Sporting events 


Church (business & health events) sponsored by church.