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1. You:  Do you know that YOU are  the first vital tool in getting your business going right. Decide that you are going to do your business or not.

2. Computer: Invest in a good computer or use a free one at your Public Library.

3. Video recorder on cell phone: Use  for video marketing, record testimonies & on the spot demos.

4.Google voice: Free handy voice mail service

5. Marketing system: If your company or team provides one, use it. Usually they will have a built in contact  manager & auto responder. This tool will save you a lot time. Check out my resources.

6.Website: If you want to brand yourself, create a separate website.  My favs are : imcreator and wordpress. Google has a free webs service as well. Just search. MLM companies have started to add a contact page(s) with the replicated site for  your prospect to leave their  contact information. This is great! But remember,  make a copy of all  the leads you get through their system. The company may run out of business or you may decide to resign or quit.  SAVE YOUR LIST!!!!!

7.Domain: Godaddy : Domains links makes your site easy   for your prospect to remember and will stand out!

8. Day Planner: This is a MUST!!!!! Write down & plan you mlm money making activities.                              

9.Marketing strategy: Choose 2-3 ways market business and do this on a 90 Day run.                           10.Roledex/Cantact list: Have a list of 300 names to start. Go through cell phones, facebook friends etc.

Basic & simple tools

Exposures that grow your business


1. Home Demo Show of the  product (Warm market only) “Hey, I’m having a get together at my house with some free refreshments and you can meet great people". I am going to be sampling out some exciting wellness products for my new business. I would like you to come?” As people come over, you can small talk. Show them your products or services and how  they can benefit from them.  Demo your business to them by using a flip chart, PowerPoint, pre-recorded webinars, etc. This method is comfortable and very easy to duplicate by your team. Do not get a huge fancy venues for this.  Spending a ton of money on food, drinks, etc is not necessary. This is not something most people will be able to duplicate .
2. On-the Spot Demo shows: When you meet someone that you connect with, pique their interest and show them your product or business. “ Have you seen the latest New weight loss program?“. Take your phone & show them testimonies. Offer sample product for them to try, etc. If they want more information, Exchange numbers.
3. Website Presentation: (video) Make sure you give prospect the correct website & set an appointment when to do follow up. Allow your tools to explain the business or product. You may be an amazing speaker but many people you recruit will not follow this. Explaining everything over & over gets tiresome. Use your tools duplicate such as webinars, videos, conference call, website etc..
4. PowerPoint Presentation. This is simple, especially if you get someone that is very analytical. Be creative & create your own. If not, use your company's PPT.
5. Live conference call: On all calls, always make sure your prospect have the right time zone. Tell them to introduce themselves & Mute their phone. 
6. 24 Hour Pre recorded Conference call: Often leaders will record calls for prospects to listen anytime. You can drive people here anytime of the day or night. Edification is still necessary.
7. Live Webinar: What I love about webinars is that people get a visual component as well as hearing about the opportunity. Sometimes the leaders let you send messages or ask questions during the webinar.
8.24Hour Recorded Webinars: Works the same as Pre-recorded conference call. You can build your business twenty-four hours a day on this without having to leave your home.
9. Three way call via Skype or ZOOM: Edification is requirement. Works the same as a live 3 way call.
10. Sizzle Call. You can three way your prospect into this. Remember; always edify the people doing the call. It’s the same for Skype & regular 3-way. You can record your own sizzle if your company does not have one. Anyone can say "I'm really fired up about a new business! I  just got in, but I can't explain it real you have a couple of minutes to listen to something that can?".........then 3 way them into this sizzle call.
11) Live 3 way call: If you do nothing else right, make sure you edify you’re up line.
12) 1:1 & 2:1 meeting with prospect. Hey, how’s it going? Let’s meet up for coffee. I want to show you the opportunity that’s taken place in Weight loss Industry (Whatever you are selling) Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Show them pics & testimonies of people that have lost weight. Explain briefly how it works. Ask them if they are free this weekend?” Figure out their why and offer them the solution. Give them a 60 second overview of the company and invite them to another type of exposure. THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS PRESENTATION. Use your tools again expose. Show them the video; let them hear sizzle call, etc.
13. Show them testimonies or reviews on facebook , instagram etc. Find Videos reviews as well. Use your phone, iPad. Expose them to the company’s Face book fan page(s). You can create your own personal page or you tube channel as well. 
14 Live Opportunity Meeting. This can be done as an open house for your business. Usually the company is putting on these events. They can be Regional, National, or locally. (Open House). Remember, let the company put on these fancy events, not you. Example: Invite/Pique/Expose: “Revital U is having an open house in March in Atlanta.! You can now get the chance to see about my company and meet the average people that are having amazing success. You got to be there!?”Remember, tools are rejection proof! Get with your sponsor & find out what tools & exposures they have available. Use them to build. Most of all, they duplicate!


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